When there is an issue in the bedroom: Problems with erection and advice how to prevent them.

Problems with an erection, it does not mean troubles only for older generations. Although the fact that not the strongest erection will happen to us as well, especially within an older age, it still often surprises younger men as well. And as it goes with unpleasant surprises, the fewer problems in the intimate life we expect, the more we feel vulnerable, insecure and in panic. Although nervousness is more than understandable, it is not necessary. The reasons responsible for „issues in bed“ can be banal and temporary. Even if it is not like that, it is possible to fight the consequences and to prevent it. Check out our advice.

What we are thinking about when mentioning erection

Before explaining the causes and signs of possible issues, let's clarify what's happening in our body when everything works as it should.

Erection types

Erection and therefore vertical position of penis occur as the natural reaction of the body to sexual stimulation. Direct stimulation of the sexual organ can cause it (in this case it is a reflex erection), or it occurs due to mental stimulation (a psychogenic erection). To reach the second one, besides touching other parts than the sex zone, you need to use your imagination, emotion, or exciting hearing, aromatic or visual stimulus in your surroundings. Another variant of this erection is night erection that appears in sleep caused by a subconscious process.

Biological dispositions

Although the result is always the same, our body reaches it through various biological paths. However, they all have a common basis: a properly working nerve and entire vascular system, where hormones regulate the whole process, is for sure necessary to reach prolonged and robust erection. If they work well together, they increase the flow and storage of blood in the penis. At the same time, the urethra diameter will widen itself when the penis is erected and enlarged which allows a more comfortable and quicker journey of the sperm to the outside world.

When something is wrong - the causes of erectile dysfunction

Do you have the issue to keep your penis „active“ for a while? Or force him to even react to thrilling stimuli? If yes, do not ignore the situation and start to look for a solution because there can be more than just a little wrong moment in your happy sex life and things can go the pretty wrong way. When your penis does not react anymore, it can also be the result of some other issue, more serious illness that needs to be treated (such as high blood pressure, kidney disease or diabetes).

However, do not panic at the first failure. Although it would seem so far that your best friend works, no matter how you feel mentally, we all have our borders. Temporary „impotence“ due to stress, psychological issues, emotional thunders, or a sudden change in lifestyle in the hectic period is a common phenomenon. Then it is not a biological problem. When this unpleasant period is over, your sexual life will face a Renaissance, as if nothing had happened before.

Another less severe cause of weak erection can be a lifestyle. Drinking too much alcohol, heavy and fatty foods, lack of movement, stress, smoking, etc. are not just some common items from the list of banned books focused on health, but also real factors that can badly affect performance even in your most favorite activity.

If you are not sure whether it is more the psychological than the physiological cause of the problem, focus on your night and morning erections. If these are still occurring and the erection problem occurs „only“ within sex, you have more or less found the „guilty one“ - and it is not your biology. However, if you are using any medication, check if the insufficient blood supply to the penis is not a side effect of it.

If you do not use your medications and if you experience a subconscious (night) erection, worries about the function of the penis itself are right. You should not wait for a doctor's examination too long. However, there is no reason to worry if the problem does not occur repeatedly.

Treatment of Impotence

Have you already excluded psychological problems, adjust your lifestyle and your penis still does not want to work as it should be?  Before you visit a doctor, try out nutritional supplements to support libido and muscles in your sexual organ, such as the ERAXAN brand. Supportive natural substances include, for example, lysine, L-arginine, or Maca extract.

Your doctor can prescribe hormonal treatment (if the test reveals insufficient testosterone production), but also prescribe potency-boosting drugs (e.g. Viagra) or send you for further ultrasound or injection therapy.

Generics are also available in the internet market, and hence cheaper alternatives to medicines like Viagra, which contain the same active ingredients. Many men have decided to use them, mainly due to two reasons.The first is the natural reluctance to pass medical examinations - we do not like the dentists, not then the doctor who needs to thoroughly investigate our most intimate parts.The second is the economic reason, as these medications are usually cheaper, though equally effective. If you want to give a try, take a look at their composition, compare them with, for example, the more famous Viagra, and read the package leaflet carefully and do not exceed the recommended doses.The substances they contain are no less effective than in any other prescription medicine. This is why you should be responsibly checking whether your health condition allows you to consume it.