Best Lowest Price Guarantee at

At, we are always sure that all the products in our offer are for the lowest price.

Did you find a better price or deal with our competition?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee you even lower price with an extra gift!

The guarantee also applies to deal offers, such as one product for free and so on.

It must be the same products that are available.

The lowest buy guarantee applies to cases with identical goods. For the same goods, we consider being products with the same name, designation, and parameters.

The goods should not be considered by competition cheaper due to damage, lack of packaging or approaching expiration date. Competition must have a product in stock for immediate sale.

Verification takes up to 1 day

We always try to resolve the guarantee in the shortest possible time. In exceptional cases, when the competitive price is significantly lower, it can take up to 24 hours to verify. The guarantee can be applied if a competitive e-shop can be verified.