Impotence - a problem that no one wants, but almost everyone experiences it

Did you know that in the 16th and 17th centuries, impotence in France was considered a crime? And not only that, women who claimed that the penises of their men were not working correctly, had a right to divorce. The men could defend themselves, but only by demonstrating their potency before the commission. Understandably, in a courtroom with lots of jurors and their eyes fixed on his most precious tool, few have succeeded. At the same time, one well-known French lawyer also stated that the impotence cursed on man by black magic is one of the most delicate crimes and deserves a painful death.

As we see, a penis to which sexual pleasure is denied has never been taken more seriously in European culture. Today, however, we are a few hundred years away, and we can state follows: impotence is not incurable, at least in some form it affects a much larger number of men than we admit, and in most cases, it is easy to deal with it. We'll advise you how to do it.

Lying one, sleeping one

As impotent, we should refer to men who have this particular issue for at least 6 months.However, normally we do not deal with time span, and the term of impotency means the inability of our sex organ to maintain an erection for a long time, making us impossible to have a quality sex life, aggravating our mood and affecting relationships.

The older we are, the more likely it is that this delicate problem will happen to us as well. Erectile dysfunction (and therefore insufficient or unendurable penis erection) is a problem that is experienced by at least half of men. It also happens regularly to younger men, although it is more likely to be a temporary issue caused by psychological discomfort, stress or quick and unhealthy lifestyle. But be patient – we explain what are the most common reasons for being „out of order,“ and also advise on how to get rid of them.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

We have already indicated something with a previous sentence: not every failure has to be biological. Psychic is more critical than it seems to us, and although we feel our genitals live their own lives, regardless of the dramatic or inconvenience of the situation, it's not always so. Stress, untreated sadness, or depressed feelings can be identified as the reasons for our inability to keep the penis in an upright position. The good news, however, is that if the mental discomfort is gone, the sexual power returns, with pleasure.

A good test to see whether your problem is more psychological than physiological is the presence of morning/night erection. If your body is capable of erection at least in some form or situation, it is unlikely that biological damage has happened to it. But beware of medication - if you're using some of them, check if your sexual issues are not a side effect.

Our lifestyle can also complicate sexual performance. It sounds terrible, and we almost all like to make it not that harsh, but especially with the older age, too much alcohol, smoking, lack of movement or eating heavy and fatty foods really can cause issues even in our bedrooms. Our body is a chemical laboratory. For perfect and lasting blood circulation, we need the nerves, blood vessels, the brain, the hormones, and the muscles to function correctly. If we drag our body out of its balance, we will not avoid its proper response.

If you have excluded psychological problems, make your lifestyle proper again, and your penis still does not work the way you wish, try to reach for nutritional supplements with natural substances that support the libido or musculature of the sexual organ. They include L-arginine, Maca extract or lysine.

Visit a doctor

If you suffer from insufficient or no erection for the first time, do not stress out yet. As it arrives, it can disappear, temporary problems still do not imply impotence as a diagnosis. However, if your erection problems are an issue for you for a long time, consider your doctor's visit. Examinations are not pleasant for anyone, but shame is out of place. From the doctor's point of view, you are one of some patients with a similar diagnosis - it is even likely that something similar has happened to the doctor himself. Put the shame away, let yourself be examined and you get the final result. It will help you, and you will no longer be ashamed and feel foolish in intimate situations with your partner.

During the examination, the doctor will probably provide a complete general exam, also examine the sexual organs and do some laboratory tests (blood test, testosterone, etc.).But the first step will be a thorough check, and therefore a patient interview (with you), during which the doctor will try to find out the most likely causes of erectile dysfunction. Do not play it cool, the more sincere, the better your doctor could estimate your health condition correctly and will show you in the right direction.

The most common organic causes of erection problems include diabetes, high blood pressure, low testosterone levels, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, kidney problems, or nerve damage.

Treatment of erection problems

Based on the results of the exam, your doctor may recommend hormonal therapy, impotence drugs (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Spedra, and others), or injection or ultrasound treatment. There are also surgical solutions (e.g., penis implants), but this is less often realized.

However, you can also make a decision to try medications without a need of prescription. The Slovak Internet market offers cheaper generics available, and therefore medicines with the same active ingredient as Viagra, for example, but with lower production costs and a lower price. However, do not mixed the relation cost-effectiveness - in any case, they are effective drugs, so do take seriously their use, carefully read the package documents, do not exceed the recommended doses, and in case of any doubt, consult the suitability of specific substances with your doctor.

The best-known active ingredient of this type is Sildenafil citrate, as it is the main „active component“ in the famous blue pills. Sildenafil is also a key ingredient in Kamagra's impotential immunosuppressants, which are also available in our online store.