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Kamagra effervescent tablets

Kamagra effervescent tablets

Kamagra effervescent tablets are 100% replacement (generic) of Viagra.

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4.7 stars, based on 13 reviews
Active substance 100 mg - sildenafil citrate
The effect in 10-25 minutes
Number of pieces in package 7
Effective for 3-5 hours

Ajanta Pharma launched Kamagra effervescent orange-flavored tablets in 2010. The producer focused on the precise processing of the active substance and the maximum intensity that you can now finally try for yourself.

Advantages of effervescent Kamagra

  • rapid onset of action
  • is also intended for men who do not suffer from any disorder, just want to improve sex life easily
  • maximum intensity experience
  • quality and durable erection
  • the minimal occurrence of side effects

The effect of Kamagra effervescent tablets

The onset of action is incredibly fast - Kamagra effervescent tablets work within 20 minutes, and after a further 4-6 hours you get quality and sustainable erection without any issues! Thanks to the precise processing of the active ingredient sildenafil in the effervescent tablet, you will have a perfect and lasting erection, which will surely be appreciated by your partner too. Kamagra effervescent tablets also contribute to faster regeneration after ejaculation.As a side effect, a slight increase in the penis may also occur due to the increased volume of blood flow to the genitals.

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Who is effervescent tablets of Kamagra for?

Although Kamagra effervescent tablets are primarily intended for men who have erectile dysfunction, the drug is also used between healthy and young men. Kamagra is a unique product that can enhance any sexual performance! Kamagra has become a common partner (s) of healthy young men in recent years who have sex with pleasure at parties, discotheques or romantic moments with their partners. Kamagra is not recommended if you are allergic to the active substance of sildenafil if you have a blood pressure problem or suffer from heart, liver or kidney disease. If you are not sure if you should use this medicine, discuss please with your doctor.

Side effects of Kamagra effervescent tablets

Although the likelihood of side effects of Kamagra's tablets is minimal, in some cases they may occur - especially if you are allergic to the active substance of sildenafil citrate.Common side effects that are not considered to be allergic, are:

  • Red face
  • running or blocked nose
  • mild headache

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